Can you SQL like a pig?

So I’ve given up trying to scrape fiction and poetry out of the old bkI databases. I don’t remember how to write a SQL query and when I look up how to, well, it’s all Greek now. I honestly think that’s the worst thing about my illness: loosing skills. And with my reading comprehension at an all time low, well, who could blame me for getting a little depressed. Even depressed enough to write some bad poetry.

Of Hastily Written Rewrites and Elder Gods

So, while digging through one of my caches of writings I found a story that I’m sure I put on the web somewhere at some point, but for some reason it lacked a name. Additionally the protagonist was someone I used for something else and the stories don’t mix continuity-wise. So, with no name, no record of where I originally posted it, and a “bad” protagonist, I did a hasty rewrite, gave it a name, added a protagonist that does run into weird stuff and, poof, a story has appeared.

It’s not quite that time of year, but I hope you enjoy a quick little story I call Just Another Solstice for Doc McCobb.


Website Rebuild Train’s a Comin’ Blues

So I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to scrape stuff out of the SQL DB that housed the info from the last incarnation of baD kARmA INk. I go through the old posts looking for stories and all I can find is stuff posted really early on, which, in the case of my stories, are, uh, lets say, unsophisticated compared to my later work.

I know I can go through my personal archives and dig stuff out, but I didn’t exactly keep notes on what I put out there already vs. what I was saving. Additionally, it’s not exactly fair to some of the other contributors if I’ve lost their stuff.

To give you an idea of what I’m dealing with, I was putting up chapters of Brotherhood of the Hand and for some reason the DB jumps from chapter 6 to 15. Now, I know I have some old database dumps around here somewhere….

In the mean time, if anyone wants to submit something, feel free. I may put up some of my stuff that was written in the 4 years that bKI lay fallow.

“I hear a train’s a comin’…”