1. Don’t submit anything that is not yours, unless it is a cool link. We may be big on the Commons and Public Domain, but it’s the choice of the rights holder, not you, that determines what is “free”.
  2. Don’t expect a reply. We try to get back to everyone, but sometimes things get lost. Don’t be offended, just expect us to be flaky.
  3. By submitting, you are giving baD kARmA INk permission to post your submission. Unless you note otherwise, it will be published with the same License as the rest of the site.
  4. No, we don’t pay. Well, not yet anyways. By submitting, we are automatically entered into consideration for any subsequent publication, pending your permission/rights negotiation. You can back out any time and we will happily remove your content from the site. That being said, we do reserve the right to make fun of you for doing so.

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