2010: The Year We Make Trouble

Woot!  It’s our month-aversery, and I think we’re doing pretty well for ourselves. We have regular readers, a small but growing Twitter and Facebook following, and thirty some-odd posts, so we are averaging on a day. When you consider we normally don’t post on the weekends and had 2 weeks in holidays, I’d say that’s a good job.

This beg’s the question: What’s next?

Well, here is the plan:


Mondays: Benjamin Kenneally’s Broadcast Domain – a techie’s take on storytelling.

Tuesdays: Pat’s Rants – There is always something pissing him off, and he’s going to tell you why.

Wednesdays: Tony Smith’s Harmonic Vicissitude – Band nerds get revenge with Tony in charge of our music column.

Daily Themes

Mondays: Tech – Good tech, crap tech, useful tech, story tech.

Tuesdays: Film and TV – bkI is taking on Hollywood, baby!!!

Wednesdays: Music – Get your soundtrack on.

Thursday: Wildcard – We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.

Fridays: Fiction – Original fiction and where to find the best free fiction on the net.

Coming Soon…

More Original Fiction – More fiction from our group of irregulars and some folks you haven’t heard from, yet.

More Reviews – Movies, music, books, you name it, we’ll review it.

Serials – Continuing stories, some written specially for bkI, not to mention the fact that we are unleashing Texas Noir on the world with the serialization of The Brotherhood of the Hand by Pat Humphreys and Chris Helton.

2010 is going to be a good year, boy’s and girls. Be sure to stick around.

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